Friday, April 9, 2010

Sometimes I have trouble with my intrepid searching for all things random in weird for my weekly column here at D&D. This was not one of those times.

Our story this week begins (and ends) at the Liverpool Airport. The players? Gitta Jarant, 66, and Anke Anusic, 41, and Willi Jarant (91).

The three arrived to catch their flight home to Germany. Gitta and Anke pushing Willi in a wheelchair up to the check in counter. Willi was dressed for a vacation, relaxing in his wheelchair, sporting his dark sunglasses to protect him from the tropical Liverpool/Manchester sun. Yet, the agents there were concerned about Willi's ability to fly -- mostly due to his lack of breathing (mostly because he was dead, and had been for approximately 24 hours).

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From the NY Times:

But efforts by the two women to claim that the man, 91-year-old Willi Jarant, was just resting were thwarted when it turned out that he was, in fact, dead.
For realsies. Willi had been dressed, and was wearing dark sunglasses. His traveling companions on this mortal coil insisted that he was tired, and was simply resting. But, unfortunately (for all involved), Willi could not be coaxed out of his nappy nap.

The result? His companions have now been arrested for failing to properly report a death -- something they vehemently contest. Ms. Anusic insisted to the BBC that

"He was alive. He was pale but he wasn't dead."

Really? Lets step back for a second here, and recognize that this is a sad story. Then, lets watch these clips I have assembled so that those in the future will not make the mistakes of the Jarants.

I present to you, TWIW's first video how-to: How to Deal with Dead, or Almost Dead Entities.


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