Tuesday, February 9, 2010

As Iran rolls on into its "ten days of dawn" celebration -- during which it has promised to "punch" the West/peeps they don't like -- several important stories have come out of the Islamic Republic the past few days. Here are the few we are following here at D&D -- check back soon for updates on these and more!

In the past 2 days Iran has announced new production of multiple high tech military technologies. Among these are new 120, 130mm mortar shells, laser guided anti-armor and anti-helicopter missiles, but perhaps more notable is Iran's opening of a new UAV/Drone factory. Coupled with the announced Iranian s-300 air defense knock-off (the subject of my previous Iran Thread Post), Iran has begun building military hardware at home that targeted sanctions have sought to deny them. Along with these announcements, Iran began enriching Uranium to 20% TODAY -- and has signalled its intent to build 10 new nuclear sites...

While normally I try to tune out the dogma coming out of the Iranian Government, it is important to note that Iran did not just announce the programs listed above -- they have begun production of them this week. Coupled with a marked increase in rhetoric from Ahmadinejad and Khamenei -- along with the Green Movements announced marches this Feb 11 -- mean that we need to have our eyes on Tehran this week.

Oh, and Iran cut ties with the British Museum -- just for funsies.


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