Monday, February 8, 2010

A while back my politically minded sister asked me if I had checked out this news and opinion website called the Daily Beast. I informed her that I had and despite its popularity amongst some quite intelligent friends of mine, I for one refuse to give that site a single hit. For any news outlet that wishes to be taken seriously simply cannot be proud of the fact that one of its most notable commentators is Meghan McCain, daughter of two time Presidential loser Senator John McCain.

If you are a reader of blogs (as you obviously are) I assume that you visit certain sites because you value the wisdom or witticism of the people writing them. For instance, I today read Zbigniew Brzezinski's article on the Foreign Affairs website because as a former national security advisor and holder of a doctoral degree I have faith in the accuracy of his statements. However, reading Ms. McCain's take on the most pressing political issues of our time is the intellectual equivalent of me writing about high fashion because I wear clothes...

Following the Wall Street Journal on Twitter does not qualify you as "in the know."

I have been trying to stave off going into a full on rant but here it is: During the campaign Meghan McCain's blog could be said to have been relevant because she had a unique view behind the scenes on the campaign trail. However treating her like a credentialed political commentator post election is absurd. From where I am sitting her only concrete professional credential is that she managed to graduate from Columbia. I have no idea what her grades were there but the fact remains that simply having an opinion does not qualify you to be listened to and thus far she has done nothing in her life deserving of attention. Also, lets be honest people, the daughter of John McCain gets into Columbia even if she is literally drooling on herself during the interview.

Finally, the main reason not to listen to anything Ms. McCain has to say is this: SHE PLAINLY HAS NO IDEA WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT. She claims to be an independent but has also described herself as "a Republican who is liberal on social issues." I believe thats called a Libertarian, but moving on. She is pro gay marriage but anti-abortion. Stop and think about that. Have you ever heard anyone take opposing stances on those issues? Thats like saying you believe in civil rights for some minorities but not all minorities.

While it might be fun to play the part of intellectual elitist by clicking on links to articles containing the latest crazy thing the Sarah Palins or Meghan McCains of this world have said, we all have to start seriously acknowledging the damage these people are doing to the nation's overall intelligence. If we continue to click on these stories, the media will only continue to subject the American people to more of them and before we know it the national anthem has been changed to "Party in the USA" and the ATF has been replaced with the NRA.

And that's my fifty cents (inflation...)(Someone ask Meghan McCain to define inflation)


Nancy said...

She makes more sense than Sarah Palin.

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