Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our liveblogging.  We enjoyed ourselves, and we hope you enjoyed it too!

10:24 PM - Jeff's SNAP ANALYSIS - This was a surprising speech from President Obama.  In it, he clearly sought to define his perspective on domestic economic issues and challenges, while attacking and redifining those who oppose his vision of change.  He briefly touched upon international issues such as free trade, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation -- but the main shock tonight was the fiesty approach to his views, and the views of his challengers and detractors.  While there were occasional moments of flippancy, they were followed by serious moments of gravitas.  I think that there will be many things said in the coming moments, and in the days to come, on the issues and perspectives presented here.

10:21 PM - Dave - Well that's all she wrote.  My snap analysis - great speech, but my question is about the follow-through.  Can he stay on top of Congress and make them productive, rather than petty?  Congress is a wild beast to tame, and it's a tall order even for Obama.  All in all, a well-delivered speech and a great job of attempting to reclaim the narrative.

10:20 PM - Jeremy - Good Political slogan "We are America" (following my "everyone is just as american as everyone else).

10:18 PM - Dave - Ahhhh, the camera shot of my Congressman, and my hero - Patrick Kennedy.  And as Jeremy said, he looks relatively sober!

10:17 PM - Jeff - ... and here it is.  An attempt to reclaim the mantle of change.  Can he do it?

10:16 PM - Dave - Don't hold your breath, Jeremy.

10:15 PM - Jeremy - I would like Obama to say, "there is no such thing as the real america, the people on wall street are just as the same as the people on main street in Iowa because we are all americans deserving of the same respect and rights afforded to all citizens who contribute to making this the greatest country on earth."

10:14 PM - Jeremy - Head of the Marine Corps is very against repealing don't ask don't tell.  Fact: more women are thrown out of the armed forces for being gay than men (by far).

10:13 PM - Jeff - Prediction...CONFIRMED

10:13 PM - Dave - There's the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.  Can he follow through this year?

10:12 PM - Dave - I thought the way he glazed over Afghanistan without any significant discussion was fairly glaring.

10:11 PM - Jeff - I am worried that any sanctions will not dissuade the Islamic Republic from their current path -- this was unnecessary, and only throws water on the grease fire of Khamenei's comments on Israel today.

10:10 PM - Jeremy - Reducing nuclear stockpiles saves us money, we also need to upgrade our warheads (Dirty secret: we arent sure all our missiles still fire)

10:09 PM - Jeremy - It should be noted that while Bush was always saying support the troops he consistenly cut benefits for veterans (fact courtesy of my healthcare lobbyist girlfriend).

10:07 PM - Jeremy - Reality Check: Not all troops are combat troops. Obama does not mean all US troops will be out of Iraq by the end of the year.

10:07 PM - Dave - I know I'm not the only one who thinks Iraq is going to disintigrate over the next year.  More to come on that in the next few weeks.

10:06 PM - Jeff - Obama and the Predator/Reaper strikes.  I am waiting for the Yemen issue here -- and I think we can expect a call on Don't Ask, Don't Tell

10:06 PM - Jeremy - Reality Check: Troops will not be coming home in any big way in 2011

10:05 PM - Dave - First foreign policy mention.  Not surprising that he focused on domestic issues, but over an hour?

10:04 PM - Jeff - Napolitano is truly rocking Janet Reno chic!

10:03 PM - Dave - He's right to call out the GOP on insisting on 60 votes to get anything done, but are they going to change?

10:03 PM - Jeff - The Party of No and Leadership - this is an edgier Obama

10:02 PM - Jeff - "We still have the largest majority in decades, and people still expect us to solve problems" -- this is a throwing of the gauntlet

10:02 PM - Dave - He's hitting all the right notes now, but he needs to stay on this after the speech to make any change.

10:01 PM - Jeremy - Great line "what frustrates Americans is that every day in Washington is election day."

10:00 PM - Jeff - I think I can safely say that we here at D&D share Obama's concerns with the recent Supreme Court Decision -- though he needs to be careful with the term "Foreign Enemies"

10:00 PM - Jeremy - Justice Kennedy was just shaking his head when obama criticised the supreme courts decision on campaign fincance. Once again the Supreme court should not be there!!

9:59 PM - Dave - This appeal to common sense sounds tired to me.  He said it in the campaign, but was unable to change anything.  How is he going to make this year different?  I think he has to stay on this bully pulpit.  He's off to a great start.  I like the earmark website, even just for the symbolic value.

9:57 PM - Jeff - "Lets try common sense -- a novel concept."  I think Rush Limbaugh just had another heart scare

9:57 PM - Jeremy - Republicans say tax cuts for the wealthy help our economy. What country have they been living in for the past decade. Studies show that the rich tend to save the money they get from tax cuts and the middle class tends to spend their tax cuts on trampoleens etc (yes i know i cant spell)

9:56 PM - Jeff - Obama has shocked DC with this speech tonight.  He is not pulling his punches and he is not shying away from defining his opponants on his terms.  This is Teddy Roosevelt's Bully Pulpit!

 9:55 PM - Dave - Whoa that's some bright yellow!

9:54 PM - Jeremy - Pay as you doesn't matter because it doesn't include supplemental defense spending, which as i said earlier is our second biggest expense.

9:54 PM - Jeff - The Nuclear Option through Executive Order!

9:53 PM - Dave - I remain highly skeptical of this "spending freeze."  It just reeks of cheap politics.

9:53 PM - Jeff - This is weird -- he just proposed alot of new spending.  Gone are the days of the Obama/McCain debate where he called for a "scalpel, not a hatchet".  I want to see where he is going on this line.

9:52 PM - Jeremy - Good admission "I have added another trillion dollars to the national debt to help stave off economic collapse." In order to pay off that debt Obama is going to freeze spending for three years. (which was McCains plan during the campaign) However it should be noted that the defense budget is not covered by the freeze which after social security is our biggest expense

9:51 PM - Jeff - It's like Kubrick filming the State of the Union.

9:51 PM - Dave - That overhead camera angle made me dizzy.

9:51 PM - Jeff - Obama is definitely feisty tonight -- a bit less gravitas than a normal State of the Union-- it feels almost like the campaign has started tonight.  An interesting move.

9:51 PM - Dave - Once again, a friendly reminder that this isn't my fault.

9:50 PM - Jeremy - Just the facts!  Another great line "all this spending occurred before I walked through the door."

9:49 PM - Dave - Nice to see him calling out the GOP on being the Party of No, but I think it might be too late to salvage health care.

9:49 PM - Jeremy - Obama is finally taking the opportunity to reshape the debate on Health Care.  It's about time -- but it may be too late

9:48 PM - Jeff - this is the obama I like. Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. Healthcare reform will lower the national debt. Hells yea it will!!

9:47 PM - Jeff - Couple that with the Economists' reporting of the "Obama Effect" of 11 trillion, we are in good shape!

9:46 PM - Jeremy - Some Fun History: During one of Bill Clinton's state of the union speeches the teleprompter failed at the begining of the speech and he spoke for over an hour off of memory.

9:45 PM - Dave - I'm pretty sure Obama is the funniest President we've had since William Henry Harrison, who was a stand-up comic in his spare time.

9:45 PM - Jeremy - Did Scott Brown get invited to the State of the Union?  I feel like he didn't because now would be the time for the camera to pan to him

9:45 PM - Jeff - Obama just made a classic pivot from humor to the passion of Health Care

9:44 PM - Jeremy - I will be disappointed if Obama doesn't bring up the national debt in this speech because its a huge national security concern and the American public needs to know that

9:42 PM - Dave - I certainly support student loan reform!

9:40 PM - Jeff - That is officially a double down on the Doha Trade Agreement and an exhortation for the Senate to move on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement!

9:39 PM - Jeff - Can we really turn the rust belt into the photovoltaic belt in this short a time span?

9:38 PM - Jeremy - Important educational fact: notice that the joint chiefs and the supreme court justices never clap (justices probably shouldn't be there to begin with but that's just my opinion...separation of powers....)

9:37 PM - Jeff - Oh!  Smackdown on Climate Change!  paraphrase -- even if you are an idiot, you like money don't you?

9:37 PM - Jeremy - I have so little faith in the intelligence of some congressman that i am honestly shocked that they all know when to stand up and sit down in unison

9:36 PM - Dave - Climate Smackdown!

9:36 PM - Jeremy - I am totally for more nuclear power. Its much safer these days. Not so much about off shore drilling but if thats what the republicans need to get over the hippy solar panels then so be it

9:35 PM - Jeff - This new push on future jobs and a future generation of light water reactors is reminiscent of the TVA of the New Deal.

9:35 PM - Laura and Catie - Where is Pelosi looking???

9:34 PM - Jeremy - To Second Obama, Americans need to realize that they are not losing their jobs because the banks screwed up, the economic collapse just brought to light the fact that we are no longer a manufacturing country. Those jobs have gone overseas and arent coming back. Unfortunately too many americans dont have the education and training to do skilled jobs. The solution government sponsored retraining programs and better education in math and science for all americans and being able to write better wouldnt hurt but lets not get ahead of ourselves

9:34 PM - Dave - Someone at CNN has a great sense of humor for showing Chris Dodd when Obama talked about "punishing the banks."

9:33 PM - Dave - Once again, I'm glad he's trying to elevate the issues above partisan politics. However, I would like to see some ideas about how to make it so.

9:32 PM - Jeremy - Great Line! No second place for America!

9:32 PM - Jeff - That was just an amazing line!

9:31 PM - Jeff - What happened to the Spending Freeze?

9:29 PM - Jeremy - I would love to have the government pay for me to get a solar panel for my house.

9:29 PM - Dave - He's very focused on domestic policy. Not a single mention of Afghanistan or Iraq so far. Not that I'm surprised.
9:28 PM - Jeremy - Prediction Confirmed!

9:27 PM - Jeremy - If more money goes to small banks for small business loans doesnt that mean the big banks will give even less money out for small businesses than before? Not sure thats a great idea...

9:26 PM - Jeremy - Prediction, Obama announces the building of America's first high speed train, a project that will create thousands of jobs (please let it run from boston to DC!)

9:25 PM - Jeff - Boener seems to be a big fan of a new jobs bill ... and interesting gambit. Keynsian economics meets the high speed train!

9:25 PM - Jeremy - I worry that this has been too positive thus far, I feel like the 25 million unemployed are saying "who gives a shit about the guy in Phoenix!"

9:24 PM - Dave - Obama has to walk a very fine line here talking about the financial recovery. Unemployed people, of whom there are many, don’t want to hear that the bank recovery worked. Like Jeremy said, he needs to continue addressing us as adults, not children.

9:23 PM - Jeremy - Keep saying not a single dime, good bumper sticker phrase.

9:22 PM - Jeff - This is a good vein for Obama to run with - who doesn't love a tax cutter?

9:21 PM - Jeremy - Common misconceptions spread by the ridiculous right: 1. No terrorist attacks happened in the Bush administration (...if you don't count 9/11). 2. Obama bailed out the banks and AIG...(Actually he just continued the programs that Bush started)...ok bailing out the auto industry was probably a bad move on Obama's part

9:18 PM - Jeff - Too big to care? Populist root canal?

9:18 PM - Jeremy - Obama does a lot better when he speaks straight to the American people with the tone that says "i know you are smart so I am not going to dumb this down or offer you half truths." Obama needs to sympathize with those who are unemployed and blame the banks but he should not fixate on trying to act equally as mad as they are. George W. Bush was the President that you could have a beer with, Obama is the President you hope to learn from every time he speaks. Speech writers please cut down on sad speech and focus on what we the democratic party should from this day be known for: straight talks and facts. Bush and the Republicans wanted to scare you into submission, Obama wishes to educate and with your help lead us to salvation. Economic recovery will not be a quick victory, it will be one of patient minute success.

9:15 PM - Dave - While I think that the Wall Street/Main Street cliche is overplayed, I like that he is setting this as an adult discussion about real issues, not about politics.

9:14 PM - Jeff - And Blanktown, Swingstate.

9:13 PM - Dave - Is this the part where he reminds us that this is all Bush's fault?

9:12 PM - Jeff - There's a template for the first few minutes of the speech. It's like a Mad-Lib.

9:08 PM - Jeff - Justice Kennedy was giving Obama the stink-eye!

9:06 PM - Dave - First correct prediction of the night goes to Jeremy, for predicting the red tie.

9:04 PM - Jeremy - Republicans led the charge to war in both Afghanistan and Iraq and yet they seem entirely opposed to any mention of tax increases. It appears that the republican party is actually intent on the downfall of the Republic. Apparently Republicans missed the civics class when the rest of the students learned about how taxes pay for things like wars and and supplemental defense spending. (Another blog idea: why don't we teach civics anymore?) News flash people we need to pay China back all that money we borrowed at some point and the longer we wait the more interest we have to pay. I do not have such a low opinion of the Republican party to think that they think they can just will away our national debt. However, I do believe that they are selfish enough to put off tax increases until they either die or retire. The one thing I want to hear Obama say tonight is "i want to be honest with the American people, we need to raise taxes, but only on those who can afford to pay." Lets get it on

8:59 PM - Jeff - How is Holder's mustache so much darker than his hair? Just For Men?

8:58 PM - Dave - My pregame prediction/recommendation – Obama needs to regain his position as the adult in the room. During the campaign, Obama got tremendous credit for keeping his calm and being rational, rather than engaging in low politics. He needs tonight to regain that poise and lead, rather than play the political games.

8:57 PM - Jeremy - Purple. I like it.

8:47 PM - Dave - The beer is cold, the pizza is warm, and lots of unimportant people are milling about on the chamber floor. It must be almost time for the State of the Union! I'm here with Jeff and Jeremy, and we'll be bringing you our (hopefully) insightful analysis during the night. The comments section is open, so send us your thoughts too!

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Maren said...

@Dave- Reminding us that it's all the predecessor's fault is the oldest trick in the book!

@Jeremy re candidly raising taxes- don't hold your breath, not in this post-Scott Brown moment.

Emma said...

@Dave - way to just summarize TF's editorial today with the adult conversation thing

Jeff Schneider said...

Great points Maren!

Dave Reidy said...

I'd like to think I'm smarter than TF. Not to mention better looking.

Emma said...

I dunno...he did go to Brandeis....

Eric said...

Mention of hate crimes, makes me wonder whether Nidal Hasan will have hate crimes leveled against him in addition to his other charges?

Jeff SchneiderJeff Schneider said...

I would certainly like to see that happen -- it fits the bill. all in all an interesting perspective -- would you like to guest post your reaction as an independant on the blog? we'd love to have you!


Jessie said...

Well done, all. Enjoyed your smart insights!

Jeff Schneider said...

Thanks Jessie! I hope you keep reading our thoughts every day!

keep letting us know what you think!

Beau said...

Well done, boys.

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